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“In preparing for battle, plans are useless, but planning is indispensible”.  – Dwight Eisenhower


Here is a collection of some of the tools we use to plan and implement business models and marketing strategies, as well as some more useful resources.

Most of them are available online for free.


D school

The D-School bootcamp bootleg

Design thinking can be applied well beyond product or interface design. A thorough, target-focused research, a reasoned creative phase and smart testing are the recipe for success for any product, service or business model. Of all the design thinking handbooks out there, this is one of the best. It concisely lists the main methods used in design thinking, and it’s free. Get it here.


Business model canvas

A classic. The Business Model Canvas is the easiest way to lay down your thoughts about a business idea. And if it is true that ideas alone are a dime a dozen, it is the extremely important to have a clear picture of whether your plan is sound and how it is going to make money. Download the template here.

 The creative machine method

The Creative Machine Method

How can a creative team turn a client’s brief into a campaign? The first step is being able to look beyond the brief itself. The Creative Machine method draws upon design thinking as well as traditional methods used by advertising agencies to help marketing professionals come up with creative ideas. Check it out here.


The St. Gallen Business model navigator

Every possible business model ever conceived is mentioned in this paper. You can also see a historical chart  showing how each business model was developed. Free download here.


Blue Ocean strategy

This modern classic explains in a clear and compelling way why it is better not to compete, but rather establish a monopoly on a niche market by taking an existing product and tweaking it in an innovative way. An excerpt can be found here.

 Steve Blank

Steve Blank’s blog – tools section

You will get lost. This is a really, really long list of tools for startups. Anything you might ever need as a startup founder is somewhere in here.

 lean startup

The lean startup

The cornerstone of the lean startup theory, Eric Ries’s masterpiece is still read by thousand of entrepreneurs worldwide. http://theleanstartup.com/

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