Value advertising: the future of communication

This is a draft post about the importance of values in today’s markting. It will soon be joined by more examples as well as an all-encompassing theory. Meanwhile, you can contribute by posting any value-related ad you loved in the comments section.

A few months ago, Coca Cola ran its Small World campaign.

This Leo Burnett Chicago & Sydney’s operation for Coca Cola in India and Pakistan features vending machines that give out free cokes to customers in both countries by having them perform some gestures at the same time, while seeing each other on screen.

I love this ad because it displays some of the most interesting and powerful communication levers:

  • Virality as a way to spread the message.
  • Values-oriented advertising. It is not about the product, it’s about the values this product stands for.
  • Along the same line, the very fact that Coca Cola launched this campaign an act of social responsibility from the multinational corporation itself.
  • The power of gestures. It is just amazing how powerful a gesture can be. Not only in joining two people, as in the ad, but in becoming associated with a brand (opening a can, for example).


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