What if you could take your brand to the next stage?

Whatif is about creative innovation.

It is about drawing unexpected connections among concepts to bring up successful ideas.

Whatif is about thinking beyond the brief.

It means observing your business from every possible perspective and finding unexpected potential and untapped resources.

Whatif is about taking bold decisions.

It is about creating new markets where none exists. It is about what you do before how you communicate.

WHATIF is about leveraging the power of creativity
and making things happen.


Planning, creating and hacking growth

WHATIF strategy is a network of multi-disciplinary but like-minded marketing and strategy professionals coordinated by Jonathan Kahan.

We work with human-centred companies, which operate in a fashion that is mindful of all human and environmental stakeholders and work towards a higher goal.

  • Business model development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Creative concepts
  • Human centered design
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From campaign concepts to innovative companies, we hack innovation and growth.
Retail market trends map
What if our agency could position itself better?
This map shows how the communication market in Italy is affected by the situation of consumers, brands and retailers. By strategically enhancing its offer, an agency can successfully face even recession years.
TalkJuice – customer feedback
What if brands had an easy way to recieve customer feedback?
How to help retailers improve their products using their customers’ feedback? My company TalkJuice tried to tackle the issue by creating a mobile platform that enables consumers to rate and comment on products they buy.
Montblanc premium activation
What if a luxury brand could do sales activation?
How can we help our client reposition itslef as a luxury brand and increase sell-out without cheapening its products? We designed a suite of services, including concierge, insurance and more, to go with Mont Blanc purchases, making the customer a part of an exclusive club. This chart shows the working of the companion app.
Carrefour Brandmag
What if a supermarket could push daily deals to its customers’ phones?
How can grocery stores communicate same-day promotions to their customers? We gave customers a fridge magnet as a memento. By scanning the magnet with their mobile, customers could see the items on promotion in augmented reality.
Hug – smart donations app
What if you could donate your spare change to charity via mobile?
How can we help NGOs reach a new generation of donors? The HUG app enables the user to browse through charity projects and donate. We helped develop the concept and design the UX.
Tribewanted strategy
What if we could bring a sustainable tourism company to scale in a niche market?
Tribewanted brings people together in amazing destinations to live sustainably. We reviewed the company’s business model to enhance the loyalty of its current customers and increase new leads.
From Don Draper to Marketing 3.0
What if marketing had become a matter of values ?
Where is marketing going? How will we communicate with consumers in the future? Based on Philip Kotler’s theories, we developed a model the evolution of marketing throughout the XX Century, from manipulation to value-based communication.
Emerge – The future of talent sourcing
What if we could find the best candidates with challenges instead of CVs?
The market for talent sourcing is ripe for disruption. Emerge’s goal is to enable companies find better prople for their teams using challenges that show candidates’ soft skills as well as technical ones.

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